Tour Some of the Best Distilleries near Louisville

Two men enjoying whiskey tasting at one of the distilleries in Louisville.

Louisville is home to a wide variety of distilleries. Whether you prefer bourbon, whisky, or brandy, your drinking needs are well cared for here in this great Kentucky city. A favorite pastime for locals is visiting nearby distilleries for a tour and tasting experience. If you are not quite sure where to start, here are a few distilleries not far from our apartments in Louisville, KY

Old Forest Distilling Co. 

As one of the oldest distilleries in Louisville, Old Forest Distilling Co. has perfected the art of distilling, and their unique whiskies are proof of that. An outstanding option is the 1920s Prohibition Style Whiskey, the only legal alcoholic beverage during the prohibition era (hence the name). 

A tour of this distillery will take you to see the distillation, fermentation, and barrel-making processes. You can also get to sample their best whiskies. 

Angel’s Envy 

If your fantasy is to taste the finest bourbons, Angel’s Envy is the place to go. They are best known for their finished bourbon, which is basically bourbon that has gone through technical distilling processes. Be sure to try their Cask Strength bourbon, voted the best spirit in 2012. Tour the distillery to learn about its history as well as the distilling processes. Finish up your tour by packing your own 750ml to take home!

Rabbit Hole Distillery        

Rabbit Hole Distillery was established in 2012 with the ultimate goal of making the best bourbon and Rye spirits in Kentucky. One of their favorite brands is Dareringer Bourbon Whiskey – you should not leave the premises without having a taste. An hour tour will also allow you to learn how grains are transformed into whisky as you enjoy a bourbon tasting experience. 

Michter’s Distillery  

Mitchter’s Distillers pride themselves in producing America’s best whiskeys. Some classics you would not afford to miss are Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Kentucky Straight Rye, American Whiskey, as well as their Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon. Visit the premises for an insightful tour of their barreling, distilling, and of course, tasting. 

In addition to distilleries, you can also access some of the best bakeries in the area near our community. If you are looking for a new place to call home, contact us to tour our luxury Louisville apartments. 

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