Explore Some of the Best Hiking Trails in Louisville

Couple having fun while exploring one of the best hiking trails in Louisville.

There is nothing more refreshing than spending a day in nature exploring hiking trails. Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful places for hiking enthusiasts to enjoy nature close to our Louisville apartments. In fact, you won’t have to go far from the luxury of your home to enjoy the outdoors. Here are three popular locations with beautiful hiking trails in Louisville: 

Joe Creason Park

Joe Creason Park offers a 3.1-mile hiking trail. It is a popular place to hike and enjoy bird watching along the way. You can take time to leisurely explore or use this trail to do some training. This park also boasts a nature center and is close to the Louisville Zoo. In fact, it is the perfect place to spend time enjoying nature without going too far from home. 

E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park

At E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park you can stretch your legs out on two different trails. The fitness trail is close to a pool and has stops along the way to do strength training. The Goose Creek trail often has wildlife sightings with different terrain as you walk. The E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park offers a wide variety of other outdoor entertainment too, such as outdoor archery as well as a BMX track!

Fairmount Falls

If you are looking for a beautiful view during your hike, consider checking out Fairmount Falls. A quick mile-long hike at this destination will take you to a waterfall with wildflowers to enjoy along the way. 

There are so many ways to enjoy and spend a relaxing time outdoors. After enjoying your day at these hiking trails in Louisville, it is always nice to return to a comfortable apartment to call home. Contact us when you are ready to make our luxury apartments in Louisville, KY, your home! 

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