Visit These Louisville Plant Shops

Happy woman holding a pot of indoor plant | Louisville plant shops.

Local plant shops provide an experience when it comes to adding some green to your home. They are quaint and cozy, and have some incredible pottery and a diverse selection of plants perfect for your nightstand or living room window. Plants are natural air purifiers and immediately brighten up any space. From easy-to-care-for plants like snake plants to decorative golden pothos, your home will surely stand out from the rest by simply adding some greenery. Here are some of the best plant shops near our apartments in Louisville, KY.


Mahonia, a creative oasis, provides an array of plants from low maintenance to more exotic. Their shop has local artwork, decor, floral arrangements, and of course, indoor plants. They even have pre-made goody boxes that make the perfect gift for fellow plant lovers.


Not only do they have plants galore, but Forage also has a refill shop made to encourage people to reuse and recycle. Rather than plastic bottles, they provide refills on self-care items with reusable glass containers. Check out their website for events at their different locations and their blog for awesome tips on caring for plants.

Lavender Hill

Just across the Ohio River, you’ll find the floral lifestyle shop, Lavender Hill. This shop is as pretty as its name. In fact, they almost act as a one-stop shop for gift giving and event planning. Whether you choose to have some custom florals made, need a one-of-a-kind gift and greeting card for someone you love, or sign up for a workshop with friends, Lavender Hill has all things floral.

Looking for other places to visit aside from these Louisville plant shops? Our city loves all things nature and has plenty of attractions for you to get your outdoor fix. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our luxury Louisville apartments if you’re interesting in moving to the area.

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