Sip on Delicious Boba Tea in Louisville

hand holding boba tea | boba tea in Louisville

If you’re looking for something flavorful where the flavor just seems to “pop” in your mouth, then boba tea should be on your agenda. For those unfamiliar with boba tea, it’s a Taiwanese tea-based drink that’s typically filled with tapioca pearls. These sweet pearls can be flavored or simple, but they always give a satisfying “pop” on your taste buds. Luckily, there are quite a few amazing boba tea shops near the apartments in Louisville, KY that are worth checking out. 

Fun Tea

A simple name that gets the point across, Fun Tea is one of the best boba tea shops in Louisville. They serve your typical Taiwanese boba tea, of course, but they also serve Taiwanese ice cream and bubble puff cakes. Aside from boba tea, they also serve various types of milk tea, lattes, fruit teas, and pure teas. No matter your tea preference, or if you’re wanting to try something new, Fun Tea is a great place to get your tea fix.

Boba Fête

With locally sourced tea and coffee, Boba Fête is another fun boba tea shop to check out. Their boba is even vegan friendly. A cool thing about this particular boba tea shop is that it’s space-themed. So, the drinks have neat names such as Space Cat or Rocket Fuel. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea serves several types of tea and coffee-based beverages. They brew their teas fresh every three hours, and cook their boba pearls in-store every two hours, so your drink is sure to be of the freshest quality.

If you love boba tea, you’ll also love these nearby juice bars. When you’re in the market for an apartment in Louisville near these amazing cafés, then look no further than Axis on Lexington. Contact us and ask about our amenities, and don’t forget to check out our blog for more events and restaurants nearby.

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