Pick Up Lunch at These Louisville Chinese Restaurants

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Every town needs a few good Chinese restaurants. Whether you’re craving fresh vegetables in a light sauce or that good food court fried rice, Chinese food spots have become an essential part of American culture. If you’re looking for a few excellent lunch spots for delicious takeout Chinese food you can count on, here are our top picks near our apartments in Louisville, KY.

Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant

Yen Ching is your classic shopping strip Chinese food stop. Whether you’re in it for the Mongolian Beef stir fry or a classic General Tso’s, you’ll find big portions and a take-out-ready lunchtime atmosphere. As a bonus, they specialize in seafood, offering plenty of shrimp and crab legs on the menu.

Sichuan Garden Chinese Restaurant

Sichuan Garden is the perfect blend of a lunch and dinner place. The recipes are classic, the portions are big, and the plates are painted. Enjoy wonderful table service or swing by for a stack of takeout boxes you can enjoy with a big party or reheat for days.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon has four different Louisville spots, specializing in counter takeaway Chinese food and quick-order sushi rolls. This strip mall Chinese food brand is affordable and highly rated, with reliable food-court quality Chinese food that will satisfy your craving for fried rice and classic broccoli chicken.

August Moon Chinese Bistro

The August Moon takes it up a notch with a free-standing restaurant building featuring stylish modern architecture. Inside, you’ll find a modern bistro design with both bar and table seating. They may have smaller portions, but their dishes showcase high-quality ingredients. Enjoy more customization and the chance to chat with your chef!

Satisfying your craving for Chinese food is easy with so many great lunch spots to choose from. After visiting these top Chinese food spots in Louisville, cap off your day by meeting up with friends at these local breweries. Finally, if you’re looking for an apartment with great restaurants nearby, contact us today! We’d love to show you around our luxury Louisville apartment community.

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