Get a Thrill Exploring Haunted Places in Louisville

exterior of an old and spooky looking house at night | haunted places Louisville

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling experience, you can check out the scariest haunted houses in Louisville! In fact, one of the most haunted neighborhoods in America is only a ten-minute drive from our Louisville apartments. What’s more, you can join ongoing paranormal investigations at another spooky attraction a short drive away.

Take a Guided Ghost Tour

Old Louisville is filled with gorgeous Victorian mansions with dark pasts. The area is infamous for eerie sightings and hair-raising encounters with the beyond. It’s thrilling to explore all these haunted places on the Louisville Ghost Tour, which is highly recommended by TripAdvisor. This spooky experience is available each evening from March through November and occasionally throughout the rest of the year.

Enjoy Ghost Stories Galore

Each Friday from May to November, the author of the Haunted Louisville series offers a personalized ghost walking tour with stops at the eeriest places in downtown Louisville. Although it’s a leisurely stroll, it’s filled with chilling tales of the supernatural. Mr. Ghost Walker has a natural talent for spinning scary stories while bringing the city’s dark history back to life.

Have a Ghostly Adventure at Night

It takes even more courage to hear macabre stories after dark. That’s one of the reasons why the Vengeful Spirits tour is so popular in Louisville. It starts at 9 pm each night. For over a decade, Ghost City Tours has led unsuspecting visitors to the spookiest sites featured in shows like Ghost Hunters. They offer two versions of the experience so that everyone is included.

Join a Paranormal Investigation

It’s one thing to hear frightening tales of Louisville’s past and quite another to investigate them yourself. For the ultimate ghost-hunting experience, you can participate in a paranormal investigation at the Waverly Sanitarium. It’s an abandoned hospital that’s only a short drive from our Louisville apartments. They provide regular tours, host a seasonal haunted house, and allow overnight stays.

As you can see, there are thrilling memories and unforgettable experiences ahead! After your excursion, you may want to enjoy some vintage shopping afterward for souvenirs. Contact us to arrange a cozy home base to relax in after all the ghostly adventures you’ll have.

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