How To Stay Connected Virtually

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In today’s world, our social networks expand beyond far beyond the Axis on Lexington. Luckily, technology enables us to stay connected virtually. Here are some simple ways to feed your social needs without having to leave our Louisville apartments.

Get your workout in… together

You know you really should burn some calories today. Sitting at your desk for hours on end, or laying on your couch (no judgment), will leave your muscles and joints aching for movement. To keep yourself motivated, reach out to some friends and schedule a group workout. This can be done via most video chat platforms, but if you’re connecting with a large group, try Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet. You can all do the same exercise, or everyone can do their own thing, but you’ll be more motivated watching your friends break a sweat. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at some of the incredible free workouts available on YouTube.

Host a virtual happy hour

Hopefully some time out of the office has made you miss your co-workers just enough to meet up for a virtual drink. If distance has not made your heart grow fonder, do this with your friends or family instead. Pick a day and time that works for everyone, and plan for at least an hour. Don’t forget to have your drinks on hand to avoid having to step away from the screen for too long, or bring your laptop to the kitchen and show everyone how to make your favorite cocktail. Drink responsibly, even though you don’t have to drive home!

Livestream a concert

If you are a fan of live music, you probably won’t be stepping foot in a concert venue any time soon. Thankfully, artists around the world are responding to cancelled events by streaming music straight from their homes. You can find a ton of musical artists offering their services, and while many are free of charge, you can always make a donation to help support your favorite artist. Of course, most of us attend these kinds of events with friends, so don’t hesitate to get a group chat started with everyone who’ll be watching with you.

Throw a Netflix party

Still not ready to give up Netflix? Google’s Chrome browser has an extension called Netflix Party. This genius, little invention allows you to synchronize video playback with your friends so you can all watch a movie together. Bonus? It also includes a group chat option.

If you need another way to keep busy while hunkering down at home, mix things up in the kitchen and try making one of our Five Easy Pantry Meals.

Want to learn more about our community and how to stay connected virtually? Contact us to see what beautiful amenities Axis on Lexington has to offer.

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