How To Stay Connected Virtually

video chatting

In today’s world, our social networks expand beyond far beyond the Axis on Lexington. Luckily, technology enables us to stay connected virtually. Here are some simple ways to feed your social needs without having to leave our Louisville apartments. Get your workout in… together You know you really should burn some calories today. Sitting at […]

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Five Ways to Upgrade Ramen Noodles

a bowl of ramen

A pack of ramen is the perfect base for culinary creativity. With a few items you may already have, you can upgrade your noodles into something fit for a foodie! Put an Egg in it Simple and traditional, eggs are a great way to elevate packaged noodles. There’s no wrong way to add an egg […]

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Five Easy Pantry Meals

preparing a meal at home

Some days it can feel like going to the grocery store is impossible. That said, with just a little creativity you can make a great meal with ingredients you already have in your house! Below are five easy pantry meals for when leaving the house is just out of the question. Burrito Bowl Basic Ingredients: Rice, […]

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