Reserve A Table for Fine Dining in Louisville, KY

food on a large white plate surrounded by wine glasses and a bread basket on a large table | fine dining in Louisville

Louisville is known for its casual dining scene, but their fine dining options are just as incredible. Next time you hope to have an upscale night out at a fine dining restaurant, make a reservation at one of these excellent local establishments near our luxury apartments in Louisville, KY.

610 Magnolia

Louisville locals certainly love their Southern cooking and at 610 Magnolia, they can feast on an upscale, refined version of those classic tastes. This stylish restaurant helmed by Chef Edward Lee features hip decor, adventurous menu options, and friendly staff. Fans of Southern cooking and newbies alike will find something magical about the modern take on  Southern flavors, showcased in a way that celebrates the artistry of Southern culinary tradition. 

Bistro Le Relais

While plenty of restaurants offer fine European-inspired cuisine, only Bistro Le Relais does so from the setting of a historic Louisville airport (Bowman Field). The result is a charmingly unique fine dining experience tinged with the romance of the aviation age. Their outdoor patio experience is the perfect way to enjoy a day of good weather.

La Chasse

Offering both French and Spanish cuisine, La Chasse specializes in European fare with a classic American flair. Their elevated dining room atmosphere sets off an array of fine delicacies including adventurous options like escargot. The chefs at La Chasse artfully combine rustic flavors with upscale elegance, making it a Louisville dining experience not to be missed.

After a fabulous meal, hit up one of these Louisville comedy hotspots to round out your evening. Want more ideas for activities and dining near our Louisville apartments? Contact us today to learn more about the area and let us show you around!

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